About Elaboraet Neocities

Why Neocities again?

A while ago, once I finally learned how, I migrated Elaboraet to a self-hosted Wordpress instance. With Wordpress, I had a variety of pre-built themes, a complex and reliable backend, and an easy, centralized way to update the website and post to it. For these reasons, I'll probably continue to use Elaboraet's Wordpress instance because it's frankly nicer for friends, family, and visitors to look at - because it looks "modern."

But Wordpress, like any other CMS software, can get complicated quickly. The core, the plugins, the updates, all that. Even to host a simple website, you'd need to deal with all this complexity. With HTML and CSS, you could write up a polished webpage without any content management and without point-clicking through layers of dialogs and buttons.

To revisit the simplicity of handwriting a website and experiment with HTML, then, I've decided to re-boot my little Elaboraet Neocities instance. I'm glad to be back.

What will you write on this site?

My initial plan for this second Elaboraet site was to turn it into a "hobbyist web log" or, in other words, turn it into a place to experiment with HTML and writing, to build on my thoughts or ideas - and probably anything else you'd associate with a "hobbyist" writing website.

If I'm feeling lazy, I might also transcribe the already-written posts on the Wordpress instance to this one to keep a consistent publishing cadence. Maybe I could turn this into Elaboraet's version of "lite.cnn.com," or "text.npr.com." Who knows.

On that note, welcome to Elaboraet Neocities. Feel free to visit the Wordpress version which, if you can believe it, is running on a little ThinkPad netbook under my desk!

Does Elaboraet Neocities support my device's browser?

Elaboraet Neocities will render well on any device or browser that supports recent HTML standards: this includes smartphones, computers, tablets, and other applicable devices. Elaboraet should resize to your device's display. If Elaboraet's text appears too large to you in a way that makes the site unusable, please let me know! I'm trying to make this site accessible to everyone.

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